"Within a week of his work, we ranked #1 on Google."

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"I turned to Victor to market our kayak trips. Now I have to keep a waiting list!"

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The #2 ranked bead store in the city

From no online presence to #2 on Google for "vancouver bead store". See how it was done in the Case Studies now.
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Small business owners have many challenges to deal with, but keeping up to date in the SEO field should not be one of them.

Rank Higher on Google

194.75% of clicks on Google are for businesses on page one. The difference from the tenth spot down to the eleventh is 143%! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as expensive as you think, especially if you are a small local business that does good, honest work.

Let People Find You

2Google is not the only way potential clients can find you. Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and other social sites are sending more and more traffic from friend’s recommendations everyday. Don’t miss out, start building your online presence.

Get More Leads

3Traffic is great, but it means nothing if the customers aren’t buying. Not only will we send more traffic to your site, but I’ll optimize your site to turn the casual visitor into a lifetime customer.

Optimize Your Business

4The web isn’t everything. Your biggest problem maybe juggling dozens of spreadsheets or keeping track of customer contacts – Bold Web Marketing has the experience and knowledge of the latest tools to make your business run more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Honest, open and transparent.

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